Has Life Changed?

What happened?  How did you respond?

Notice – I did not say “react”.  Responding is a more careful planned action or set of actions.  It takes thought, reviewing one’s expectations and making changes to effect a more positive outcome.

Here is how my life changed.

In June, my husband was offered an exceptional opportunity to work with an outstanding company. It meant moving from Wisconsin to Nebraska.  Selling our house and moving to another, as well as moving my office.

Although, everything was planned and scheduled, the moves did not go according to the timetables.  My trip to the Toastmasters’ Conference in Malaysia was cancelled.  Meetings rescheduled or held via phone, while I was sitting in airports or on the side of a road.  I begged forgiveness, asked for advice and thankfully all participants graciously shared similar stories as well as successful strategies.

Clients and colleagues have offered feedback on how to navigate specific situations.  However, they would not have offered if I had not asked.

So, Let me ask you…..

  • What has changed in your professional life?
  • What expectations do you have of yourself for this change?
  • What expectations do your colleagues have?  Who have you asked?
  • What communication expectations do others have of you now?
  • What are your planned responses?
  • How can I help you find the resources that you want?

While you are thinking these through, here is an interview that I had with Helen Fu of HealthFactor, Massachusetts. Helen recently moved from Kansas to Massachusetts because her husband found his ideal job.  She then created her own television show and started a program to increase her speaking skills. All to increase her professional influence in her new arena.

Health Factor Speech Coach with Helen Fu:




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