About Us

about_headshotFounded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1998, the Accent Management Group travels the world to help international professionals improve their Executive English communication, presentation, accent, and inter-cultural communication skills. Client engagements include international corporations, universities, public relations firms and government agencies

Phyllis Thesier MAT, CCC-SLP, President of the Accent Management Group, is a nationally certified speech and communication speech-language pathologist, CCC-SLP with both Bachelor of Science degrees in Communication Science and physiology and M.A.T./Masters of Arts for Teaching in Speech Pathology, from Indiana University, Bloomington. She has effectively coached native English and international professionals to become more productive and effective in business English through increased clarity of speech, voice and communication skills. Phyllis personally gives workshops and conducts training on Communication Styles and Body Language and Culture and Communications internationally, working with individuals and small groups.