Basic and Mastery Accent Program

Accent Workshops and Training Programs

Basic (Accent) Training:

From Sound to Conversation

For: Individuals or small groups

Level: Intermediate: A program for Regional or Foreign accented speakers of English

Goal: This training program takes you through individual words, phrases and interactive speaking in order to improve your ability to be understood. You will learn 10 dominant differentiators that impair the understanding of your specific speaking pattern. Develop and add 10 customized Business English accent targets to your everyday spoken Business English.

Format: Available in person at Accent Management facility, your facility or via VOIP or telephone. Ask about a combined format.


Initial screening in order to determine primary areas for improvement
Customized scheduling of twelve (12) hours across six (6) weeks
Materials/ software: Training manual/CD’s and “The Articulate Advantage: Speaking with a Broader American Vocabulary”
AMG Exclusive Support Program: Three (3) follow up hours of telephone and email support per year, valid for three (3) years.
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Mastery Program:

American Standard Accent: Sounding more like a native.

For: Individuals or small groups

Level: Advanced*: This is for the foreign born speaker of English who wishes to add the use of American terminology, and the appropriate use of phrasing, intonation patterns and idioms.

*Pre-coaching Requirement of a 65% accuracy level across sounds, prosody (rhythm, stress, and intonation) and grammar.

Goal: This training enhances your ability to anticipate, plan and explain complex subjects as well as effectively participate in business social situations in an articulate and clear manner.

Format: In person, at Accent Management facility, your facility or via VOIP – telephone:

The most successful format has been: Combined Format of two-day face-to-face intensive and telephone coaching


Target-specific materials and software: Finessing the use of linkage patterns of pronunciation, intonation patterns and vocal tones that are uniquely Business English for business and professional communication. Includes materials: “Articulate Advantage Leadership Scripts for Global Professionals”
Professional presentation strategies and skills.
Customized scheduling of twenty-four (24) hours of training
Customized materials: development of vocabulary for the individual’s industry as well as useful words, phrases, interactive speaking practice sessions.
AMG Exclusive Support Program: Four (4) follow up hours of telephone and email support per year, valid for four (4) years
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Community Workshop

Speech for Work that Works: Community Speaking Program

For: Business, Finance, Engineers, and Medical professionals.

Level: Basic to Intermediate. This community accent workshop is geared to people who interact with others during their work day. It focuses on improving communications in several common work situations and includes pronunciation.


Each Workshop meets three (3) Tuesdays per month, two (2) hours each session for a total of six (6) hours per Workshop. Offered nine times per year.
Training Topics include at one topic per monthly workshop: Networking scripts, Interviewing, Elevator speeches, Meeting scripts, Business Social interactions, Supervisor scripts, Leadership scripts, and Dinner meeting conversations. Contact AMG for current month’s topic.
Community Workshops offered nine months a year.
Groups limited to five participants; environment is interactive and supportive.
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