Client List


3M Global
Bates Communications
Brown & Rudnick
Cabot Corporation
Controls Specialists
Framingham State College
Genome Therapeutics
General Electric
Epix Pharmaceuticals
Evonik Degussa Corporation- Asia
I2 Technologies
Intel – Asia
Keystone Group (Shanghai), Inc
Lampton Hillard International Communications
Managed Comp
Mead Johnson Corporation
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
NMS Communications
Old National Bank
Owensboro Community College
Raytheon Technical Services Company
Schindler Elevator Corporation – Asia Pacific
Siemens Global
Servion Global Solutions, Ltd.
Sepracor Inc.
Snowbird Ski Resort
Shanghai Expatriate Community Learning Center
Tiffany & Co.
Tucker International
Universal Software Corporation
Uniform Information Services
Verizon Technology
Wellesley College
Western Language Institute


“I have seen marked changes in the way that my staff talks since taking these classes. Before they were great at doing the work, just not good at explaining what they have done”
Nageswara Kulukuru: Project Supervisor, Cambridge, MA


“Phyllis trained me how to develop the “Standard” accent to use with other engineers and customers here and use my native accent for social situations.”
Frederic Baudart: Technical Services Engineer, Panametrics, Waltham, MA.


“The other engineers and technicians at the plant are better able to understand my instructions. I am returning to Spain sounding more like the Americans.”
Jose Quintana: Chemical Engineer, GE Plastics, Cartagena, Spain


“I’ve used up all my 15 hours with you. Boy! It went fast! In a way, I felt that I have accomplished something, yet there still so much to improve. I start to miss our Wednesday morning’s date already. I can’t express how grateful I am to you. Apart from the improvement, you make me feel good about myself which in term builds lots of confidence in me.”
Rachel Wang, Tiffany & Co, Parsippany, NJ


“Phyllis really knows how to train Business English communication skills so that they stick. We moved back to Shanghai after being in the USA for many years, Then, I found that my business English skills were less distinct. Phyllis helped me to polish my communication in English so that I was more successful in international meetings and business connections. She is reliable, professional and a real pleasure to work with. Thank you for the coaching and other help afterwords.”
Michael Yang, Ph.D. Technical Director, Shanghai, China


“I found Phyllis when I joined a Toastmasters International club in Shanghai, China. She helped me to generate more successful interviews and business connections very easily and quickly. She is dedicated, experienced and really kept me motivated even after the training.”
Jennifer Xie, MBA Kellogg School of Business


“I really needed to speak better Business English in meetings and presentations. We worked on things that I say every day at work, so the work was very successful in less time. And after you finish the training, she does not only teach lessons, but you can feel that she will be always helpful and make you more confident.”
Xia Luo, M.D: MS Biometrics, Pharmaceutical Industry, Massachusetts

“My software company required me to speak with customers about the software that we designed. It was hard for them to understand me, sometimes. Phyllis worked with me to use new Business English speaking skills very quickly. She helped me to communicate more successfully in meetings and with and in social conversations. We still talk even after many years. ”

Jiwei Wu, MS Software Architect, Massachusetts


“Phyllis helped me to communicate and use my voice more successfully in client communications and other professional interactions with less time and effort than I have done before. She’s professional, kept me moving forward and great to work with. She really knows how to train professional voice and communication skills so that you retain these skills across time.”
Peter Sorell, JD, Attorney, New York City.