Customized Coaching

Customized Coaching

Customized Voice Training Programs:

Sounding Like an American Broadcast Journalist

Voicing and resonance style are often part of an individual’s primary language or regional base “accent”.

For: Professionals who want to have clear, crisp and pleasant voicing that engages their listeners.

Level: Advanced Non-native Speakers of English and Native Speakers


Training the American Standard pitch and resonance style
Increasing the optimum pitch control and reducing falsetto or low crackling voicing.
Eliminating nasal overtones
Increasing voicing resonance, power and volume
Increasing longevity of voicing across long term demands
Overcome issues associated with mechanics and psychological dynamics*
AMG Exclusive Support Program: Each program includes one year of follow-up telephone and email support up to two (2) hours total.
*Phyllis Thesier, AMG’s founder, is a nationally certified speech language pathologist who specializes in the identification and training issues associated with the muscle motor mechanics and psychological dynamics of voice and speech mechanism.

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Customized Communication and Accent Coaching:

Businesses and individuals have unique communication needs. Accent Management Group will work with you and your company to develop the right training. This can be for individuals, groups or a combination.

For: Business, Science, Technology, Engineering, Finance and Medical Professionals

Past Program examples:

“Developing Exceptional Clarity in Telephone Communications with Colleagues, Clients and Customers
“Enhancing Conversational Professional and Social English Vocabulary”
“Mastering Presentations and Communication Styles used in International Business Forums”
“Developing Winning Elevator Speeches for Financing your Business in the USA”
“Networking : Clear and Effective Business English Communication at Business Events
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