Training & Communication Workshops

“Speech for Work that Works” Workshops:
Each workshop is designed to have each participant learn, apply and integrate practical Business English communication styles, vocabulary and presentation strategies into their immediate work life.

A. One specific eight (8) Hour workshop: [Min-Assess for Each]: Clarity & Control of: Speed, Stress & Sound

· OR CHOOSE Two Half-Day workshop courses

B. Half Day (4) hour workshop choices:

Training Topics can include:

· Using Leadership Vocabulary and Phrases Clearly and Effectively:
· Water Cooler Conversations – At Work and Beyond:
· Get the Information You Need! Active – Listening:
· The “10 Second” Elevator Pitch – How to Get Attention for Your Great Idea – Techniques for Global Professionals:
· Humor: What’s So Funny Anyway? Understanding and Using Basic Office Humor
· TV, Movies and Life – Terminology that Relates to Your Career
· Intercultural Communication Styles

Groups are limited to six to eight participants. The environment is interactive and supportive.
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